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An excellent picture and my favourite pic of Terminal so far. Everytime I see terminal I wish I jumped on board with the group buy. Good thing it’s still available. @shinz0_o‘s GON NerD60 with GMK Terminal

Korean 60% Beauty

One of the more iconic 60% DIY keyboards. That’s because GON’s NerD60 PCBs have some of the greatest range of customisation options available. Manufactured in Korea, these PCBs are exceptionally well built and cater to a variety of keyboard layouts.

It’s this level of personalization that makes these keyboards highly sought after. Every time I see a NerD60 they’re always stunning pieces of keyboard art. Paired with stunning keysets, cases, and LED lighting these keyboards do tend to come close to end game, even if that’s a concept that’s never really achievable.

Most showcased NerD60s look stunning because they’re paired with great components. And they should, considering one of these PCBs with presoldered diodes and resistors will run you about $70USD. That’s not cheap for just a PCB but what do you expect from a Korean Kustom DIY kit.

You can get the GON NerD60 PCB here

Made to suit you!

It’s like this thing is a smelting factory underneath the caps! Would you pay $20 for a case? GoN NerD60 GMK Skidata and Carbon Credit to u/dohmain

As the NerD60 is more of an end game 60% keyboard than others it’s very unlikely you’ll see too many with the same look. They’re so unique that often during the manufacturing process, certain components may not come out exactly as described. GON even mentions this when ordering.

Full switch lighting is available but the real show stealer is the side LEDs for case glow. Side LEDs enable lighting to shine through the case for that awesome underglow effect.

The NerD60 also supports key remapping and macro programming. This allows every key to be set to what the user wants or to create quick shortcuts executed by pressing a key combination.


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