Hi, I’m Rhys, nerd, blogger, writer, and mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

I’ve loved mechanical keyboards since my first purchase in 2009. Since then I’ve managed to get my hands on a wide variety of mechanical keyboards.

I spend a lot of time reading about mechanical keyboards and appreciating other people’s designs and ideas.

Having grown up with technology and spending lots of time on the computer I use my keyboards a lot. I really want to see a change in people’s office space usage of keyboards as it’s probably the most utilised component of the computer.

So, I’ve taken to creating mechanicalkeyboardinfo.com to share my passion for mechanical keyboards with the world.

There’s a large bustling mechanical keyboard community and I’d love for more people to get involved and get their hands on a mechanical keyboard!


Are you looking to have your product shared on mechanicalkeyboardinfo.com? I’m always looking to grow and gain strategic partnerships. Get in contact with me should you like to see your product on this site!


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