XD60 with SA Carbon

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Ever combine your hobbies? Which of these are your favourites? XD60 with SA Carbon Credit to u/kingnestea

XD60 – Assembly required

Here’s an excellent 60% that requires assembly. This is the XD60.

Seldom found in the west, they’ve recently had a successful drop on Massdrop. Orders from Massdrop do take a while before they’re shipped out but they do tend to get the product to you.

If you are looking at getting your hands on an XD60 and can’t wait for Massdrop’s request system, then TaoBao does have kits available. These kits will give you all the pieces you require to assemble an XD60 for yourself. You’ll simply need your own soldering equipment.

Here’s a link to the TaoBao listing for those of you keen to get your hands on this keyboard!

Sought after caps

The keycap set is SA Carbon. Hard to find, although Massdrop has released a recent round of these.

Shipping date is set to next year, in the mean time you may be able to find some after market sets on MechMarket.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to solder and build a keyboard, check out TaeKeyboard’s video. I’ve posted it below.

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