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What a looker! Anne Pro with EnjoyPBT Japanese (red and black kit). Credit to u/Enginseer68

A Bluetooth 60% mechanical keyboard

Easily comparable to the Poker range of keyboards the Anne Pro brings features to the table that put it in a league of its own. Equipped with the same 60% size and layout, this keyboard is a better travel companion thanks to its light weight and Bluetooth connectivity.

Paired with the Bluetooth connection come’s the Anne Pro’s mobile app. Used to program the RGB LEDs, macros, and key placement this is a keyboard that is fully programmable. The level of customisation is far higher than keyboards of the same size or within its price bracket.

I prefer Gateron over Cherry MX switches and the Anne Pro caters to my liking nicely. A selection of black, red, brown, or blue switches are available as well as case colour. Obin’s is also going to start offering units with an ISO layout very soon.

Double-shot PBT keycaps come with the Anne Pro. Used to showcase the Anne Pro’s RGB lighting, this design of keycap uses 1 plastic for the casing and another for the letters. Meaning the legends won’t wear off over time either. The font is bad, though.

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More than a month of battery lifeNon-height adjustable
Selection of Gateron switchesLoose stabilizers
Plastic caseLacking English manual
Double-shot PBT keycapsNo dedicated power switch
Media keys
Dedicated power switch
Decent rubber feet for stability
RGB LEDs with lots of presets
Phone application for macros and lighting
Fully programmable (bar fn keys)
Standard bottom row
Keycap puller
Mac, Android and iOS compatible

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Equal compromises

The strongest competition of the Anne Pro is Vortex’s Pok3r keyboard. Also a 60% keyboard, the Pok3r has Cherry MX switches, NKRO, and full programmability. These features are on par with the offering of the Anne Pro, however, where the Pok3r differentiates itself is the sturdy aluminium case, and exceptional build quality.

Such a well built keyboard does come at a price and this is where the Anne Pro comes in. Sure, it doesn’t have an aluminium case but this would add weight to a keyboard that has an aspect of portability to it.

Neither does it have the refinement of a $130 keyboard but that should be expected when the Anne Pro is currently on for under $80 USD, and under $90 on Amazon. That $130 price for the Pok3r also doesn’t include LEDs while the Anne Pro has RGB LEDs.

Wireless connectivity still lags behind a cabled connection when it comes to gaming and the Anne Pro is no different in this aspect. However, once the cable is connected, NKRO and 1ms response time can be utilised to ensure you’re ahead of the competition.

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Here’s a short gallery of user modified Anne Pros

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