Purple Gherkin

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What do you think of this custom dyed purple Gherkin? It’s even got purple stems! Want more details? Link in bio. Credit to KB

What is the Purple Gherkin?

The Purple Gherkin was a Gherkin 30% custom build keyboard. Components in this keyboard were either purple or custom dyed to be purple. The only thing that isn’t purple are the switch sliders and the PCB.

The components of this build that have been purple dyed are:


Blank PBT keycaps

Gatistotle switches (more details below)

Spacers and screws

Remaining components used:

Purple LEDs

Purple USB cable

Sparkfun Pro Mirco

White Gherkin PCB

What are Gatistotle switches?

Gatistotle switches are a combination of the cheap discontinued Aristotle switches and Gateron switches. People do this mod because Aristotle switches are considered to be more crisp than Gateron and Cherry blue switches. It’s just the Aristotle casing is garbage.

Gatistotle switches are made by inserting the stem and slider from the Aristotle switch into the Gateron casing. It’s quite an easy mod to do but the amount of time this takes and the fact that it uses two switches to make one means its a costly mod.

I will do a full write up and guide with more details on switch mods soon.

Dye Components

The dyed components were all dyed at the same time using iDye Poly for 15 minutes.

I’ve linked below a couple of guides and I will also do a write up on how to do this soon!


Here’s a photo gallery with more details of the Purple Gherkin

Below are the links I can find to help you in conquering your desk!

When you do get your hands on your ideal setup, don’t hesitate to contact me for a chance to be featured.

Email rhys@graham.cx


Gherkin – Get it on Mechmarket

Or do a custom order, here are details on how


Purple Dyed Blank PBT – Simply dye some White PBT keycaps!

If you’re still looking for a compact mechanical keyboard have a look here

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