MechMini 2.0

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MechMini 2.0 with SA Hyperfuse

A much anticipated 40% keyboard is back. This time with the option for an ortholinear setup. This is the MechMini 2.0 and it looks stunning.

Featuring a rounded aluminium anodized case, this compact keyboard looks amazing. Case colours available are black, blue, gold, red, and silver.

Then there’s the PCB that can fit either a staggered (conventional) or ortholinear (grid) layout. You will need to ensure you pick the right plate when ordering though.

To top off the aesthetics there’s a Polycarbonate bottom that will diffuse the underglow RGB LEDs. That’s right, the MechMini 2.0 has RGB underglow on the PCB.

Software wise the MechMini 2.0 is running on QMK firmware.

Only available until August 20th, so be sure to get in quick!

Available on

You can also test your luck and enter the giveaway that MechKeys.CA is running. You can view the full giveaway details here but here’s the gist:

Prize 1

Everyone who purchases a MechMini 2.0 is in the draw to win an unused set of Signature Plastics’ SA Hyperfuse

Prize 2

Members of r/mechanicalkeyboards can simply fill out a form for their chance to win themselves a MechMini 2.0

Prize 3

A second lucky person will win a new set of GMK Carbon and Novelties kit.

Great prizes for anyone keen to either buy or simply enter. There is a caveat, though, and that is that 50 MechMini 2.0s need to be purchased to make the giveaway possible, which is only fair.

Be sure to check the full terms and conditions here

MechMini 2.0 Acrylic backplate

Kit contents

  • Aluminum CNC Milled Anodized Case
  • Poly Carbonate base to diffuse the RGB Led Light
  • Ortholinear Plate
  • Staggered Plate
  • QMK Compatible 40% PCB that has both ortho/staggered holes drilled, with RGB Underglow
  • Hardware for Assembly
  • Your choice of Gateron switch
  • Stabilizers

Gateron switch choices are black, red, yellow, brown, blue, green. You can choose no switches if you’d like.

Available on

Underglow of the MechMini 2.0

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