Leopold FC750R and mStone Crayon

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There’s so much to love about this pic from @Kaptyn. The white side print makes the mStone Crayon 108 PBT keycaps look like a colour palette. Keyboards are Leopold FC750R and FC210TP with mStone Crayon. The other keyboard is an ABKO K980.


This is a bit of an interesting setup. It’s one that I’m really fond of and would definitely love to own. The problem is the keyset is only available in Korea. I may need a hand getting a copy myself.
Anyway, below are the components necessary to build a setup that looks like this!


Leopold FC750R – TKL Keyboard
ABKO K980 – Full Size Keyboard
Leopold FC210TP – Numpad
Get this on mechanicalkeyboards.com


mStone Crayon 108 PBT – Get it from Korean store rooky

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