Banana Split and EnjoyPBT Cyrillic

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Who’s keen to get their hands on the Banana Split? I am a big fan of 60% keyboards… Banana Split and EnjoyPBT Green Cyrillic Credit to u/Arhipio


Soon to be released Banana Split has everything I’m looking for in a 60% keyboard.

It features all the usual suspects of a 60% keyboard – functionality hidden behind Fn key combinations. However, the one thing I don’t want behind an Fn layer are arrow keys. I personally need them as it makes typing that much easier!

Then there’s the split spacebar. A feature that I’m very excited about. Why use up most of the keyboard for 1 key, when you can split it into 3 and have more functionality!
More details about this keyboard to come soon, especially on where to get it.


Banana Split РStill in production stage. Hopefully it will be available soon!


EnjoyPBT Cyrillic – Get it on AliExpress (Russian Keycaps, Kit 1)

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