AMK – All Metal Keycap

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Salvun's All Metal Keycaps

Salvun’s All Metal Keycaps

AMK – All Metal Keycaps

Salvun, a new metal keycap creator has joined the artisan scene. These are machined crafted pieces of aluminium, copper or brass. And they damn nice!

First created to replace some keycaps that were destroyed during a move. It was just lucky that Salvun happened to have access to a CNC mill.

AMK is live on KickStarter

Copper and Brass AMK

Copper and Brass AMK

About AMK

Made to fit MX stem keyboards, AMK’s primary keycaps are aluminium. Each aluminium AMK is formed in a mill, finish added to the top with Salvun’s name engraved on the back, then anodized, before finally being machined for engraving.

Anodizing is the process of adding an oxidised layer to the aluminium, rust. This allows for the dying of the aluminium and increases corrosion resistance.

Colour is added to the open pores and this means that to remove the colour is to remove the aluminium. There’s six colours available as well as a withered aluminium look available.

The top of the keycaps can be finished with a strip pattern or a machined smooth pattern. Depending on which option you choose will change your typing experience. My “Soft Touch” – strip pattern, feels great to rest my fingers on, which also has the added benefit for greater feedback.

Salvun also makes heavier copper and brass keycaps. These don’t come in other colours, however, they do have different coating finishes available.

On the brass and copper finishes it the option of “Flow”, a high polish finish.

Profile of Salvun’s AMK are all OEM.

AMK is live on KickStarter

Salvun's All Metal Keycaps

Salvun’s All Metal Keycaps

KickStarter Bonuses

As a thank you to all who’ve backed you’ll receive a bonus keycap. That is a free keycap even if you’ve only purchased one.

For those of you keen or already have backed a set of 4 keycaps you also get an anodized aluminium case. This it to protect your keycaps and a great way to make up the cost of shipping.

Great incentives to join the KickStarter and support a new comer to the mechanical keyboard community.

You can follow @salvun on Instagram for more details

AMK is live on KickStarter

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