16 December 2016

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So much Carbon, I can’t breathe… 40%, 60%, or TKL, what’s your poison? Credit to u/techmattr

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Nearly every day I’m asked for more information or where/how to buy specific keyboards.

Below are the links I can find to help you in conquering your desk!

When you do get your hands on your ideal setup, don’t hesitate to contact me for a chance to be featured.

Email rhys@graham.cx



Planck (top) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

FaceW SPRiT (middle) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

Filco Majestouch 2 TKL (bottom) 


SA Carbon Orange Alphas (top) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

SA Carbon (middle) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

GMK Carbon (bottom) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket


Techmattr custom made the cables for these boards. Get them here!


Planck case (top) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

Unbranded Chinese case (middle) – Try TaoBao or Aliexpress

Orange Anodized Aluminium Case (bottom) – Try reddit.com/r/mechmarket

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