13 December 2016

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Who’s got a setup like this? Which one would you pick and which one would your friends want? Credit to u/dranzer889

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Nearly every day we’re asked for more information or where/how to buy specific keyboards.

Below are the links we can find to help you in conquering your desk!

When you do get your hands on your ideal setup, don’t hesitate to contact us for a chance to be featured.

Email rhys@mechanicalkeyboardinfo.com



HHKB BT Black (top)

HHKB Hasu USB White (middle)

HHKB Hasu BT Black (bottom)

Realforce 87U Black (side)



Black PBT caps (top)

White PBT caps, Aero Keys mods (middle)

Black PBT (bottom)

Black PBT, Blue PBT, Aero Keys mods (side)



KBK Bone Daddy Mummy, Muderbot V2 (top)

Cloud King V2, Cloud King Reaper V1 (middle)

Pharaoh V2, Pharaoh Reaper V1 (bottom)

Frosty V2, Metallic Blue V2, Celestial V2, War-Torn Defender (side)

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